12V Universal Shore Power Charger

12V Universal Shore Power Charger

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 A recurring feedback from our customers is how dissatisfied they are with the built-in shore power charger in their rig. This supports our notion that nearly all shore power chargers are simply not designed well to handle different battery chemistries and charge them well. To address this, we're designing a very capable charger. 

Preliminary specs:

Max charging current - 50 Amps @ 12V DC

Input voltage/current: 115V AC 8 Amps

User settable absorption, float & equalize stage voltage setpoints

User settable dwell times for all stages

User settable start/restart voltages for bulk & absorb stages

Ability to turn off float & equalization stages (for lithium batteries)

Competitively priced

This item is under final stage of development and will not ship for 4-5 months. Introductory price is available only a very limited stock. If we're unable to ship the item for reasons beyond our control, we'll cancel the sale & issue a refund to the credit card used.